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winning at tenant rep brokerage
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Welcome to the exciting world of office, industrial, and retail tenant representation. Whether you are an established broker or new to the business, you will find tenant rep to be one of the most satisfying and stimulating areas of commercial real estate.

This course provides busy agents an opportunity to learn on the go. The audio format is entirely downloadable and provides collateral material to help you do an outstanding job of representing commercial tenants.

Commercial property leasing, and especially tenant representation, is an outstanding opportunity to earn substantial commissions quickly. That is because tenant rep work pays exceptionally well, and clients are more highly motivated.

The course teaches a step-by-step tenant rep process for office, industrial, and retail properties. You will also learn how to evaluate office, industrial, and retail properties to screen them effectively for tenants.

this includes

  • Creating successful letters of intent, with samples
  • How to understand and negotiate the most common lease clauses
  • How to effectively screen properties for tenants
  • How leasing commissions are structured and paid

the downloadable pdf’s included are:

  • Office, industrial, and retail tenant qualifying questionnaires
  • Square footage office space calculator
  • Tenant rep exclusive sample
  • Sample tour site checklist
  • Office, industrial, and retail property screening questionnaires
  • A coursebook on commercial real estate leasing fundamentals
  • Timing Your Transaction
  • Understanding Rental Rates
  • Touring the Property
  • Creating a Proposal to Lease
  • Using a Request for Proposal
  • About Retail Lease Proposals
  • Common Lease Clauses
  • Lexicon of Leasing Terms

I know you’re going to love this course!  Learning how to represent office, industrial, and retail tenants is essential because many property owners own several types of property and many tenants need more than one type of facility. Often, commercial tenants need multiple locations, providing you with the opportunity to procure high-lifetime value accounts.

The course provides excellent downloadable collateral material for assessing tenant needs. It also includes the information and tools you’ll need to screen properties effectively to create the right fit.

Bob McComb